Ever-curious and open, the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal team share their passion for fine woodworking, art and design. The school’s teachers and workshop technicians are also recognized as craftspeople, designers or professional woodworkers, still active in their sphere.

Marise Loranger | Email
General Director

Graduated in Psychoeducation, Interior Design and Fine Woodworking, Marise Loranger has been involved in furniture making, architectural woodworking, interior design and renovations projects for about 15 years. She has been working at the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal since 2009, first as a workshop technician, then as a teacher in the continuing education level, and finally at the college program level. Over the past year, Marise has supported the ÉÉAM through many challenges as a relocation project manager, then as an educational coordinator and interim director. Marise has a very good knowledge of the furniture making and education community, as well as an excellent overview of ÉÉAM and its issues. His energy, practicality and teamwork skills will be invaluable in the development of the ÉÉAM.

Nathalie Chauvin | Email
Program Coordinator

With a bachelor’s degree in Literature and a diploma in Furniture Finishing from the École des métiers du meuble de Montréal, Nathalie Chauvin is a specialist in furniture restoration and finishing. She worked for over fifteen years in her own studio. Among others, she took part in the restoration of the windows finishing, the wood framing and trims of the heritage house Christin, a historical jewel built between 1730 and 1735. She teaches at the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal since 2009, and she serves as the Program Coordinator since 2014. In her classes, Nathalie wishes to share with her students her knowledge of old and natural techniques and products, healthier and more respectful of the environment.

Jessica Beauchemin | Email
Project Manager

Holding a degree in Plastic Arts and another one in Fine Woodworking, Jessica Beauchemin has been working in the arts and culture sector for over fifteen years. In 2011, she won the prestigious François Houdé award. In parallel with her artistic woodworking journey, Jessica has developed an expertise in communication and in project management. She has been working at the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal since 2008, first as a workshop technician, and then as a project manager and communications officer. Well known for her organizational skills, her versatility and her professionalism, Jessica is proud to share her passion and to participate in the promotion of fine woodworking.

Nicola Bonetto | Email
Teacher, College Program

With degrees in Education and in Woodworking, Nicola Bonetto followed with different studies in furniture finishing and business management. He has been managing his own workshop for twenty-five years, designing and building made-to-measure furniture. Among others, in collaboration Saucier + Perrotte Architects, he built the furniture at the Faculté de l’aménagement ’s library (Université de Montréal) and McGill University’s Senate. Nicola joined the ÉÉAM team in 2014. Proud of his professional experience, he wishes to provide students with a practical and concrete vision of woodworking.

Chloé Daigneault-Clermont | Courriel
College Program and Continuing Education

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Marie-Claude Deschênes | Courriel
College Program and Continuing Education

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Madly Fuss | Courriel
Teacher, College Program

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Virginie Laliberté | Courriel
College Program and Continuing Education

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Douglas Mackay | Courriel
Teacher, College Program and Continuing Education

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Gabrielle Ouellette | Courriel
Teacher, College Program

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Jérôme Poirier | Email
Teacher, College Program

An artist since his childhood, Jérôme Poirier was first recognized as a sculpture teacher and artisan. He later pursued an important career in scenic painting and sculpting (cinema, circus, museum, etc.) and took part in several large-scale projects in Quebec and Canada. Represented by Galerie Blanche in the Old Montreal, he also developed a creative approach as a painter-sculptor. Jérôme teaches sculpture on wood at the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal. He shares his vast expertise to inspire his students to experiment with sculpture.

Pierre Tardif | Email
Teacher, College Program and Continuing Education

Graduated from the École Ébénisterie Québec in 1983, Pierre Tardif focuses on furniture restoration, making small objects et collecting old tools. He has been teaching at the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal since 1995. Pierre is constantly researching new information and techniques to find solutions to the many challenges that his students face. He is passionate about his work and nurtures resourcefulness and creativeness in their projects.

Board of Trustees

Mr Martin Thivierge, President
Ms Sabia Chicoine, Vice-President
Mr Yves McNicoll, Treasurer
Ms Mikaël Baillairgé, Trustee
Mr Gilles Cloutier, Trustee
Ms Douglas Mackay, Trustee

* The position of secretary is held by Ms Marise Loranger, general director.

Photo credits:
Unspecified photos: Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard – Photos Nathalie Chauvin, Jessica Beauchemin, Chloé Daigneault, Madly Fuss, Douglas Mackay, Gabrielle Ouellette : Annie Rossano – Photo Marie-Claude Deschênes : Marie-Claude Deschênes