L’apprenti 1 EN • Cabinetmaking power-tools • Group 1

Introduction to cabinetmaking power-tools

Discover the main tools used in a cabinetmaker’s workshop: table saw, jointer, planer, band saw, press-drill and mitre saw. Learn how to adjust and use each tool efficiently, with specific tips and tricks. Security being the main concerns in a workshop setting, you will learn to understand the dos and don’ts, while making a small toolbox or a wine rack out of rough lumber.

Beginner class – Level 1

Teacher : To come up
Location : École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal
Duration : 10 hours
31 August, 18h00 to 22h00 and 2 September, 9h30 to 16h30
Registration deadline : 24 August 2017
Cost : 215$

NOTE: If you wish to register, but the class is marked as full or if the deadline has past, you can still contact Nathalie Chauvin – nachauvin@ebenisterie-art.ca – to be added to the waiting list, as last minute cancellations happen occasionally.


Les réservations sont terminées pour ce cours. - Reservations are completed for this class