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Interweaving arts and craft, design and visual arts, cabinet making is so much more than that. The École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal is a woodworking studio-school offering a technical college degree, as well as continuing education courses and skills development in artisanal woodworking. Borne of Jean-Marie Gauvreau’s École du meuble tradition, the École d’ébénisterie d’art de Montréal’s mission is the training and development of fine woodworking artists.

  • “The theoretical and practical classes at the ÉÉAM are perfect for hobbyists who enjoy woodworking, such as myself. I was able to learn the different aspects of the craft in a friendly and very professional environment. Thanks to the teachers! Thanks to the school!”

    France Marcil, continuing education student
  • “I had the opportunity to develop projects of my own designs, build them while resolving technical challenges, and to present an end result. The teachers’ support is quite unique.”

    Nadine Hajjar, ÉÉAM graduate artist
  • “What is really motivating at the ÉÉAM, is to be taught by teachers still active in their field. They talk about their work in progress and inform you about what’s new. It makes for dynamic classes filled with useful techniques.”

    Jeanne Vinet-Gagnon, technical college program student
  • “The fact that the teachers are also experienced craftspeople helps us develop the skills to become independent craftspeople ourselves upon graduation.”

    Loïc Bard, ÉÉAM graduate artist
  • “The ÉÉAM provides a stimulating, professional and safe environment to explore and develop our woodworking skills. We leave with a project in hand and our heads full of ideas!”

    Antoine Dubois-Couture, continuing education student
  • “When I started studying at the ÉÉAM, I discovered a warm and welcoming school, stimulating and practical courses, caring teachers concerned with our success, and a very friendly environment that inspires us to get involved.”

    Raymond Lefebvre, technical college program student